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Corporate Social Investment

Our CSI Projects


Ithala MoneyTaks is Ithala’s flagship financial education programme. The aim of the programme is to empower ordinary South Africans with financial literacy skills that will empower them to make sound financial decisions, manage money and create wealth. The programme targets Ithala clients, students, entrepreneurs and ordinary people.

MoneyTalks offers practical easy to follow guide and tools to help people to create wealth.

MoneyTalks wealth creation formula:

  1. Get out of Debt

  2. Start Saving

  3. Start Investing

  4. Build Multiple Sources of Income

MoneyTalks Partners: Consumer Financial Education Foundation (CONFEF) and Dudu & Sipho

MyBest Childhood Foundation

Ithala SOC Limited partnership with MyBest Childhood Foundation Ithala is aimed at assisting previously disadvantaged learners in remote areas where schools are often overlooked and under resourced. The partnership focuses on the following projects that will be delivered by My Best Childhood Foundation;

  1. School Feeding Scheme

  2. Vegetable Garden Programme

  3. School Signage

Ithala Digital Skills Development Programme

The 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) is changing the way we live, work and interact. New digital technologies are merging with human physical lives and totally transforming how everyday activities are performed and the skills required to navigate this new world of 4IR. Digital skills are becoming a critical success factor across all spheres of life.

Ithala Education Fund has partnered with GoDigital Foundation (NGO focusing on training the youth on digital skills) to hold digital skills training for learners from rural areas. The programme targets 150 learners annually in foundation, intermediate and senior phase.

Protect Ithala Edu Platformyour cash

The outbreak of the Coronavirus and subsequent National Lockdown resulted in school leaners losing a substantial amount of their school academic year. Some schools and learners with access to technology and resources were able to do some schooling during this period, many from disadvantaged backgrounds have been left behind and require assistance to catch-up.

To respond to the need to assist learners recover lost academic year due to the National Lockdown, Ithala Education Fund launched Ithala Edu Platform. Ithala Edu Platform will provide curriculum content and learner support to assist learners to make up lost schooling time and prepare them for final year exams. In the short-term, the programmes will focus on helping grade 12 learners and will cover the Caps Curriculum, Soft skills, and Career Guidance.

Tutorials on the following grade 12 subjects will be delivered.

  • Maths

  • Geography

  • Physical Science

  • IsiZulu HL

  • English FAL

  • Accounting

  • Life Science/ Economics

Beyond Covid-19, Ithala Edu Platform will offer advanced programme support which will cover Digital Literacy, Coding, Robotics, IOT, Machine Learning, Makerspace and MoneyTalks.