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Homeowners  Insurance (Building)

 An Ithala buildings policy covers your house and its outbuildings against fire, natural disasters, theft, vandalism, accidents and more. If disaster strikes, leaving your home uninhabitable, your policy also includes a temporary accommodation benefit.

Vehicle Insurance


Covers your vehicle against accident, fire and theft and claims by third parties where you are liable for their damage.

Vehicle Insurance

(3rd Party Only)

Covers third party claims where you are liable for the cost of damage or injury.

Homeowners Content Cover

Choose Complete Household Goods Cover to insure your household contents against theft, fire, natural disasters and vandalism. Plus, choose our additional benefits package and you’ll be covered for many smaller risks and costs, such as loss of guest/staff property, fridge contents, replacement of keys/locks, temporary security guarding and trauma counselling.

If you believe that your home is safe from burglars, choose Limited Cover.


This offers the same benefits as Complete Cover, but without cover for theft. Both have optional accidental damage cover to insure your household goods against domestic accidents.

Vehicle Insurance

(3rd Party, Fire & Theft)

Covers your vehicle against loss or damage from fire, theft and third party claims, but does not include cover for accidents.

All Risk Insurance

Not all losses takes place at the premises of the insured and cover is required whilst away from home. All Risks insurance provides cover on a worldwide basis.  In order to do this, it has been constructed to be a policy of exclusions.  This means that any occurrence not specifically excluded, is covered. 


The policy therefore does not list what is covered but rather what is excluded. Examples of cover are jewellery, cameras, watches, etc.

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