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Fixed Deposit


 Fixed Deposit is a fixed deposit account which ‘locks’ your savings into an investment period of your choice and offers you a competitive interest rate to ensure the rapid growth of your capital.

32 Day Notice


Ithala 32 Days Notice Account is an investment account in which funds are kept for a minimum of 32 days. It is unique in that it allows clients to place multiple notices on funds needed. The 32 Days Notice Account offers higher interest rates than that offered on a savings account.

Savings Account


Savings is a flexible, all-purpose savings account designed specifically for the day-to-day accumulation of savings. 

Retail Call


Ithala Call Deposit is a savings account designed for those clients who have large amounts to invest and who require funds to be available on demand. The interest on the Call Deposit Account is higher than that offered on a savings account.

Target Save


Target Save is a special savings account designed to allow you to save for a specific event, like children’s education, a wedding, paying amalobolo, deposit for your dream home and etc. The Target Save account offers you the opportunity to save a fixed amount of your choice every month for a minimum period of six months. 

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